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Entering the Temple

In Person Worship

An in person experience with Goddess will transport you into my dark fantasies. Admire me and float into a deep luxurious experience in my private sanctuary, or at your fine establishments. Tribute rates and sessions will vary by scenario. I require a minimum of one hour for most meetings. For devotions over an hour I require a break for feeding or snacks. This may be together or just in my solitude while you are restrained enjoying my nourishment.

Overnight Worship

A night of indulgent veneration and deviancy that you cannot fathom in your wettest dreams. You will bring and present an exquisite meal, what follows after is your complete and total worship and submission to Goddess. I typically offer this for submissives I have already seen in person and have established a good rapport with.  Incall at a private location of my choice; Outcall is at my comfort at a 4 or 5 star location with separate beds or a dungeon I know intimately. I require a full nights rest and for our time together to end at 11:30 pm. Session time can be 14 hours (8pm-10am)  or 16 hours (6pm-10am) . Feel free to ask to adore Goddess for longer and I will be thrilled to pull you deeper into my madness.

Dining or Shopping Worship

For the brave devotees who wish to be in the presence of an ethereal Goddess outside of my temple. Impress your Goddess with a luxury shopping experience accompanied with the finest of dining. Revel in the depths of my decadence and riveting conversation. Outings like these are the perfect hedonistic way to add layers to our dynamic.

R e s e r v a t i o n s

Returning submissives may email me directly or text me to re book. New devotees please respectfully fill out the application form. The application must be filled out thoroughly, thoughtfully, and completely to be considered. Any disrespectful or incomplete forms will be discarded.

*** Covid policy*** I am fully vaccinated and prefer to session with those who prioritize our health and are vaccinated as well.

Choose your Deposit method
How did you hear about Me?

I require an easy to follow screening process with all new clientel so that I may ensure my safety. You need to provide your first and last name, email, phone number, and two references from established Domina's or other providers from the past two years (with their consent and send them a gift/tribute for their time and efforts). Information from your references to include should be Their professional names, email addresses, website links, social media handles, etc.

If you have never seen a Professional Dominatrix before or do not have references, you can arrange for an initial paid phone consultation in addition to providing a LinkedIn profile or a photo of a government issued id next to your face. This is solely for me and my safety and will not be shared and will not be used for no other purpose. Paid phone consultations usually take 15-30 minutes and require an upfront tribute of $50, and can be booked with me directly through my email after submitting your fully filled out Reservation application. If you are unwilling or unable to screen then W/we are not a good fit for one another

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